With the Thanksgiving holiday past, we come now upon what our culture thinks of as the Christmas season, but what is really, at this point, the Advent season—the season of anticipating Christmas, waiting for Christmas.

This is not recognized in our society because, as a rule, in modern society we do not like to wait.  So the Christmas music on the radio begins before Thanksgiving!  But when you think about it, there’s something to be said for waiting.  When we wait eagerly for something, when we look forward to it expectantly, when we relish the anticipation, we have prepared ourselves to better appreciate it when the time comes.

Christmas, after all, deserves to be appreciated for all its wonder and glory.  We anticipate Christmas and have a season of waiting—an Advent season—because we know what Christmas is really about, and that it’s a celebration worth anticipating year after year.

When the angel of the Lord came to the shepherds on that first Christmas, he said “I proclaim to you good news of great joy” (Luke 2:10, CSB).  How very true.  Good news; there has never been better news.  And the joy of this news is so great that we can celebrate it for all eternity.

The wonder of Christmas is this: God the Son became a man in order to save us from sin and death and reconcile us to God.  When we were lost in darkness, God sent His Son to be our light.  When we were helpless and hopeless, God reached down to us with the gift of forgiveness and life.

Delight in this season of expectation, as we look forward to celebrating once again the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.