A recent interview added one more piece to the less-than-orthodox portrait of the current pope.  Theology has not been Francis’ strong suit.

Taking questions from a group of children, the pope was confronted with a question no one enjoys answering, about the fate of a loved one who died separated from the Lord.  Specifically, a young boy asked about his deceased atheist father.

This is a question that should be answered with great sensitivity and care, and with an unswerving devotion to the truth.  Pope Francis answered with great sensitivity and care.  But as regards truth…well, he told the boy that even though his father was an atheist, since he was obviously a good father God would not keep him away from Himself.

Orthodox Protestantism maintains that we are justified by faith alone.  Orthodox Catholicism maintains that we are justified by faith and works (a savvy Catholic can say faith alone, but they mean faith and works).  For Pope Francis, it would seem, just works will do.

Jesus is the only way, and apart from Him there is no eternal life.  To give false hope to those who are grieving may seem merciful, but it is poison for lost souls.