“Almighty God, Giver of all good, who hast given, above all Thy gifts, the crowning mercy that we are called in Christ Jesus to know and love and serve Thee, we would bring Thee thanks and praises for the Divine Light which reveals the heart of grace in Thy leading of souls and peoples.  Help us to rise to a fit gratitude for the overrunning blessings which Thou givest ever, even to the darkest lot and live,–the temporal felicities, the Divine comforts, the eternal hopes.  That all things are of Thy mercy, by Thy mercy, and in Thy mercy, we thank Thee.  Make us to sing Thy songs in the light, and in the night to touch Thy hand and be at peace.  Grant, we pray, with all other blessings, Thy best gifts, thankful and trustful hearts, that Thou mayest be our Lord and King for evermore–Amen.”

-Henry W. Foote, quoted in Great Souls at Prayer, 358.