Light has come!

The wondrous Word:

Prophets’ promise, life and Lord,

Master, Maker, divine stranger

With us, with us,

God-man swaddled in a manger.


Light has dawned!

In darkness shining,

Searing sin’s tendrils entwining

Souls in prisons shadowed—

Free finally

To walk in daylight hallowed.


Light has broken!

Brightly burning,

Light and life, returning

Days lost to the tomb—

All eternity

Bundled in the virgin’s womb.


Light has dawned!

Lift every voice,

Let men and seraphim rejoice;

From each and all, let praises swell


Glad and glorious noel.


Light has come!

Come, holy light;

Pierce the blackness of my night.

Living one, abide in me

Ever anew—

Your advent my nativity.