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Babies with beating hearts should be protected–even if they are still in their mothers’ wombs.  So thinks the state of Georgia; and they should be applauded.  None of the social issues in America today are more important than standing up to the wickedness of the abortion industry.

It took some courage to make this stand.  Certain parties in Hollywood have threatened them with a boycott if Georgia stands up for the most vulnerable.  Hollywood is powerful, and Mammon is one of the chief gods in their pantheon, greed is one of their defining languages; it makes sense that they would expect Georgia to shrink before the coercive arm of Mammon.

Georgia’s Governor Kemp did not feel that way.  “We protect the innocent, we champion, the vulnerable.  We stand up and speak for those unable to speak for themselves,” he said.

Of course, Georgia could have had a different governor.  Stacey Abrams, who lost the gubernatorial race to Kemp, has her own view of Georgia’s pro-life legislation: she called it “an abominable and evil bill”.

What can we say to such a morally bankrupt statement?

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5:20, NIV)

It’s not evil to protect a beating heart.  It’s not abominable to shelter the precious life of a baby.  Hollywood elites and liberal legislators may threaten and fume, and they get their way often enough–but the truth will stand.

A beating heart is worth protecting.