Dear traveler of the winding webways,

You’ve stumbled on my little blog, Credo ut Intelligam.  No need to be alarmed; the situation is not as dire as it sounds.  Make yourself comfortable and take in a few posts before you head back out into the world.

The name of this blog, Credo ut Intelligam, means “I believe so that I may understand.”  It’s a phrase from the great medieval theologian Anselm of Canterbury, and very close to an earlier phrase by the great 4th-5th century theologian Augustine of Hippo.  The basic sense is that, contrary to the attitude of the skeptic, who will not believe unless they understand, the Christian thinker recognizes that our minds are darkened by sin and that without faith to open our eyes our reasoning is clouded and foolish.  In light of this, the exercise of faithful reason is an expression of worship, as Anselm demonstrated very well in his writing.

To which end I hope my posts may be of some small use.


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